Integration meeting, Sheffield April 2015

An integration meeting took place in Sheffield in April 2015 were much progress was made on the demonstration of adaptable human robot interaction.
The new demonstration integrated a number of modules from the different partners and was run successfully on the iCub at the end of the week (A). Tutorials were given on setting up and using stereo-vision, the ABM and object recognition (B). There were a number of discussions and development concerning existing and new WYSIWYD modules (B&C).  
The robot can be asked to perform a series of actions (e.g. point, push). It will then check it has understood and then complete the actions. Once the actions have been accomplished the robot can be interrogated to describe what happened.
Thanks to Uriel, Ugo, Andreas, Maxime, Tony, Tobias, Grégoire, Anne-laure, Clement, Jordi-Ysard, Matej, Michael and Luke