Communicating with robots

The What You Say Is What You Did project (WYSIWYD) will create a new transparency in human robot interaction (HRI) by allowing robots to both understand their own actions and those of humans, and to interpret and communicate these in human compatible intentional terms expressed as a language-like communication channel we call WYSIWYD Robotese (WR). WYSIWYD will advance this critical communication channel following a biologically and psychologically grounded developmental perspective allowing the robot to acquire, retain and express WR dependent on its individual interaction history. WYSIWYD will contribute to a qualitative change in human-robot interaction (HRI) and cooperation, unlocking new capabilities and application areas together with enhanced safety, robustness and monitoring.

This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ICT-612139

Latest News & Events

A full week at SPECS_lab in Barcelona, working together on the WYSIWYD demo and paper preparation !                  
Great interest by South Korean MBC TV for the WYSIWYD project and its achievement with the iCub robot. On November 8-10, the Korean TV crew visited...

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